Stay Safe, Stay Focused, Stay Home

I find it distracting to be at home, there are always numerous errands to do around the house. From cooking, to cleaning, to washing, the list is endless. And now, we need to infuse the office and the home together. I always wondered how do people “work from home”, how do they really get anything done and keep this delicate balance. My home has always been a place of sanctity and peace away from the chaos. But now, as we all face this unprecedented time “alone” but together, this is how I stay focused while staying at home.


  • Keep your usual timings. The gym is closed and we have to work from home, but that doesn’t mean you get to sleep until 10 am and work in your pajamas’s for the rest of the day. Keep to your usual timings and activities. So if you are like me and like going to the gym at 5 am, keep to that same time for an at home workout. Tip* need weights: purchase resistance bands as a space saving alternative.


  • Create a work and gym space.  Create a dedicated space as your office and gym areas or anything else that you require. Reserve these spaces for certain these actions as it reduces the level of distractions you allow. An example is having an office desk in a quiet part of the house allows you to be focused and more productive.


  • Dress for Success. Well, not necessarily a 3 piece suit or a pencil skirt, but do dress comfortably. Get out of your pajamas’s, have a cool shower and get dressed for your day ahead. This changes your mental psyche from “I’m lazy” to “I’m ready”.


  • Create a schedule. Schedule time for specific tasks like when to tackle household chores, when to workout, when to read and even carve out time for social media. Your day will be more productive and you will be able to meet all your goals set out for the day.


  • Meditate. If this time in our lives has created some anxiety and unease in your life regarding your job or any other circumstance, try meditation to keep level headed and calm. Meditation helps to reduce stress and ease anxiety by calming your mind and  promoting self-awareness. It allows you to let go of things that you can’t control and take charge of what you can, your MIND.


Stay safe, Stay focused, Stay home!!!


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