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Any dream can be realized with self discipline. We must command our mind. Discipline should not be seen as a punishment, but rather as a definition of self love and the ultimate key to all material success. We have to win the war in our mind in order to win the war in the world.

Self discipline is self love, to discipline your behavior to bring forward success, achieve your dreams, live up to your highest potential. Living in a way where we are not subjected to others opinions of us and we are not following what society says we should be. 

It’s your responsibility alone to fulfill your life, take the responsibility to make things work for you. You are the only one that can bring happiness and success in your life. Define yourself, set  your boundaries, set your foundations, set your standards for the life you want. Then start creating it, laying one brick at a time, on a daily basis. Be fully immersed in that creation, so that nothing and no one can take it from you. 

You have to have tunnel vision to get to where you want to be, create yourself and the life you dream of having.