Changing your Path

You know it’s time for big change when your old ways of doing things start to hurt you emotionally. Changing your path and direction in life is never easy. To move away from the person you have always been, and doing the things that are so ingrained in your soul and daily activities is tough.

Change is a tough but it is necessary when you know that you deserve better, you can do better and that you are worth so much more than what people told you.

Breaking bad habits and creating new ones involves time and patience as well as an absolute certainty mind frame that that is what and who you want to be.

You will be tested by people and by circumstances. It will be all too easy to fall back into a bad habit, drinking your problems away, sleeping with every guy/girl you meet hoping it will make you feel better, copious amounts of drugs to numb the pain, spending money you don’t have, blaming others for your failure and even paying for sex. Yes, it is easy to fall back into degradation.

You have the will to overcome this. Through determination, healthy boundaries and belief in yourself, you can be the person that you have always wanted to be. Stay focused on your goals. It’s worth it in the end.

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