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37 things I’ve learnt at 37

  1. Listen to your body, it knows best what it needs
  2. Social Media is the new cool – or so they say
  3. Use meditation as a tool for your mind
  4. Friends come and go, invest in yourself first
  5. Fear should never be an obstacle
  6. Living and loving being alone is a new kind of freedom
  7. Spend time with those who challenge you to be better, daily
  8. Stay away from Gossip!!! It ruins lives
  9. Set and stay focused on your goals
  10. Balance is the key to everything
  11. Happiness is being grateful with what you have
  12. Love yourself first before loving anyone else
  13. Success is a mindset
  14. Live each day on purpose by being fully present,
  15. Don’t wait for weekends, make every day count
  16. Life is a journey, embrace the ebb and flow
  17. Your past does not dictate your future
  18. Don’t smoke and drink minimal amounts of alcohol
  19. Rest, and rest well
  20. Gym, gym and wait, more gym.
  21. Lift more weights, do less cardio
  22. Take up new hobbies whenever you can
  23. Learn new things as often as you can
  24. READ
  25. Everyone has their own pace, trust in yours
  26. Learn to guide sexual and negative energy into positive, productive outcomes
  27. Be kind and loving to all those around you
  28. Money comes and goes, it does NOT define you as a person
  29. You have to lose certain things in order to gain knowledge, strength, will power and determination
  30. Rise above anything that is negative or has the intention to destroy you
  31. It is important to set boundaries for yourself as it is for others
  32. You tell people how you want them to treat you
  33. Save as much as you can
  34. Invest as much as you can
  35. What you don’t want in life is just as important as what you want, define both
  36. Make today the right time for all that you want to be
  37. Male or Female doesn’t matter. We are all human first

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