Arrogance, Ego, Greed, Impatience, Martyrdom, Self-deprecation, Self-destruction, Stubborn

Chief Feature


This is your primary stumbling block and it’s always a reaction based on fear. You may find a bit of yourself in all of them because most likely you have done them all from time to time. Since you are frequently blind to your own Chief Feature it may be best to consider how someone who knows you would describe you. Other people can always see your Chief Feature.

The Chief Feature is the side of our personality that is governed by ego. It is the primary defense or coping mechanism the personality uses to protect itself, and to protect the physical body to a certain degree. The key to balancing the ego in your life is not by seeking to destroy the chief feature because it is “bad,” as it is often judged, but paradoxically, to love and accept the chief feature as a part of yourself with the good intention of protecting your personality. By acknowledging the chief feature when it shows up in your life, you will begin to recognize what fears run you, and you then have the opportunity to make a new choice: love that part of yourself, face your fear, heal it, and thank your chief feature for showing you that part of yourself. This process leads you into True Personality, where all aspects of yourself work in harmony to integrate yourself spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally. In this way you become whole.





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