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New Language, New Life

“The language we use, influences the way we think.” ~ Steven Pinker

Did you ever notice the thoughts that run through your mind, the words you say to yourself? Statements like, “My life is so messed up,” “I’m so depressed,” and even this one “I’m a complete failure”. This is the voice of our inner critic. We often tend to be so hard on ourselves that our inner critic continuously tells us how unworthy we are and we start to believe this to be true. We habitually get caught up in negative language patterns that leads to a poor quality of life and a decline in your overall well-being. The way you speak to yourself, can limit your belief system and in turn the outcomes in you life. We are victims of our own negative programming.

The way you speak, the attitude and tone, reflects the person that you are and impacts everything around you. It can greatly contribute to your success or “non-success” both in business and your personal life. Being aware of the language patterns is imperative. It will make all the difference. The words you say and the thoughts you think create the “software” of your mind which ultimately determine your behavior.

In order to make the necessary changes to your life, you need to review the language that you use on a daily basis. Initially, when we start to change the language we use, it may seem fake and unrealistic. However, in the long run, it will re-direct your mind towards your goals. Set aside time on a daily basis to go through a positive reinforcement exercise. One way in which this can be done is to write down about 10 positive statements including the emotions that are associated with each statement. Repeat these statements every morning and every evening to reinforce the ideas. As time goes on, you can change or add to the list according to what thoughts and ideas you wish to reinforce. As an example, you have a big presentation coming up and you need to reinforce confidence in yourself. Go through the exercise for a few days prior to the presentation. The reinforced mantra will prepare you mentally and physically to be able to deliver the presentation with complete confidence.

Some examples of positive reinforcement statements are:

  • I know I have mastery over my life by how still I can keep my mind and how alert I am in the now.
  • I am clear, untouched, and unharmed by all that I have experienced in my life.
  • I become more peaceful and at ease with all that happens in my life.
  • My relationships are loving and harmonious
  • I am at peace. I trust in the process of life
  • I am connected to divine love and wisdom.
  • I am harmonious and at peace regardless of my surroundings
  • My life is blossoming
  • I use my emotions, thoughts and challenges to lead me to deeper, more interesting places within myself.
  • I am grateful for all that I am
  • I am a channel for loving peaceful energy
  • I radiate with loving kindness and life mirrors that back to me