Why do men buy

Last night I suddenly woke up with loud noises coming from my neighbors room. I could you hear a man and a woman arguing. He was loud and screaming at her, “I F#$% paid you”. A lot of loud, hard, banging noises against the wall followed shortly after. The man had paid for sex with a prostitute! It didn’t sound like it was consensual in the least, even if it was paid for.

Appalled by the realization of what was going on in the next room, I started to wonder why does this depraved activity still exist in our modern day society. Surely we have evolved further in administrating and cultivating our minds and bodies. I realized how controversial the vagina actually is. From buying prostitutes, making abortion illegal, to slut shaming, to the media hype of expressing your sexuality and mostly men having a say in female contraception. Absolutely LUDICROUS!!!!

In this article published in the Guardian,  https://www.theguardian.com/society/2010/jan/15/why-men-use-prostitutes,
takes a closer look at the psyche behind this horrendous act. Julie Bindel had interviewed several men who had previously bought prostitutes in London. This epidemic has doubled in the past decade, proving that the media hype of commercial sexual acceptance including widespread pornography is on the increase. In summary, there are 3 different types of men that buy prostitutes:

  1. Inability to form close relationships. This is mainly due to an abusive upbringing. This can effect both men and women in adverse ways. Men will use women to punish them if they felt neglect from a parent. Women will use men to make them feel secure and expect them to fulfill the void of love. This in part is also the cause of women fleeing their abusive (sometimes sexually) homes and seeking the wrong kind of refuge that leads them to being violently raped, beaten and sold as prostitutes.
  2. Dissatisfaction with partner/wife. Feeling empty in a marriage can lead to a number of problems such as the use of a prostitute or even committing adultery to fill the void.
  3. The misogynistic psychopath. Festering in hate and anger, clearly stating that the prostitute must be void of pleasure. Looking down on these women and claiming that if a person is willing to do that kind of job without being disgusted means that they are less than.

The biggest question yet is how to deter offenders. Fines, public ­exposure, employers being informed or the risk of a criminal record would stop most of the men from continuing to pay for sex. Another concerning point was that most, if not all these men, are fully aware that these women are ­trafficked, pimped or otherwise coerced. This had absolutely no effect on their decision to purchase sex and they continued to purchase them.

It is clear that the GOVERNMENTS, MONARCHIES and PRIME MINISTERS around the WORLD need to pass stricter laws regarding prostitution and the buying of prostitutes. However, this would only work if those very same male dominated governments were not paying for a sex worker every other weekend. Look at the Trump administration as a clear example of Failure in Leadership!

How do we END it? The #METOO campaign was a great start for women to speak up about sexual harassment and assault in the home or at work. I do believe that if women continue to speak up about these injustices and to fight together against the laws that mute us, that we can overcome this epidemic.



In this talk, Antoinette Welch, former ADA in Nashville, TN who won a landmark case under enhanced sex trafficking law, identifies and tackles the issues with the unequal societal perception of prostitution, how those views leave women drowning in the cycle of prostitution, and how the Hannah Project levels the playing field for those who want and need help to get out of the vicious cycle. The Hannah Project works along with the court system and is a one-day court ordered program for women arrested for prostitution. Its mission is to be the missing link between the judicial system and helping and identifying victims of sex trafficking and those stuck in the cycle of prostitution; It is the first of its kind in the nation.


Spread the message and #stophumantrafficking #dontbuy


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