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Trust in Relationships

What does it mean to trust? How do you trust? Do you consider yourself to be trustworthy? These questions have been swirling through my head over the past few weeks. I immediately set out to investigate what it truly means, and more so what it means to me.

The dictionary definition of trust: the firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.

Trust is a foundation on which relationships are built. To be able to rely on the next person and to believe that they will follow through on the commitments that they have made to you or even in general. However, trust is a two way street. The little white lies, keeping secrets and not following through with your actions can cause decay in one’s relationship. Trust is developed in the way we treat the next person and in the way that person treats you. There has to be a level of mutual respect and understanding.

Lets explore different ways in which we can build trust:

  1. Earn it. Do not take trust for granted from anyone. We need to make trust a priority in our lives. We need to consciously be aware of the actions we take and its effect on other people around us.
  2. Keep your promises. No matter how small a promise, always stay true to your word. If you are not able to fulfill a promise, speak openly to your partner or friend and explain why it is not possible to keep the promise.
  3. Communication. Communicate openly and honestly and always ensure that it happens in person. Messages can get lost or misinterpreted through emails and text messages.
  4. Forgiveness. We are all human and of course mistakes do happen. Never bear any grudges in life for it not only hurts you but erodes the trust in the relationship as well. Let go of the pain, accepting the apology and moving on builds trust based on love and sincerity.
  5. Support. Supporting each other in any relationship is important. If one person in the relationship feels like there is no room to make mistakes, to take risks or even try new things without the support of the other person, the relationship will eventually fail.

Building a relationship with trust is not hard when there is mutual respect and understanding between the parties involved. The basic principle of trust is a simple one: do what you say you are going to do.